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Liepard, the Apex Ambusher

Sometimes you just have the urge to draw something and now care about it being sexy or action-filled or based on a popular subject. That is the reason why I drew Liepard for this picture here. For the longest time, I never cared for the pokemon, but then I watched a video about animals it’s based on and everything clicked.

They’re not super-stong Apex Predators, they’re ambushers targeting one from the herd.

Suddenly, everything about Liepards made sense and I had to draw this scenario. Here we have a Liepard resting the trees around Nimbassa City, being the terror of all pokemon that live in its land.

The Beauty of Kalos
I took a basic idea and ran with it as far as I could. My Swanna Gijinka, Seranade, and :iconolgreendommy:'s Klefi Gijinka, Alicia, met by chance and decided to have a wonderful time on the outskirts of Dendemille Town. Surprised myself that I could actually do a background like this. Hopefully, this year will increase my skills even more.
Osami's Secret Weapon
It seems as if Osami has to pull out the big guns if she really wants Crow's attention. I wonder how the poor boy can handle this!

Osami is owned by :icontavitheblue:
Maxima - My Alola Machamp
I was so happy to finally put a Machamp on my team in Sun and Moon. I also knew that her gijinka form should do justice to her fit body so I made her ripped as fuck. She's still a gentle cinnamon roll who can crush you with her...well, everything.
Osawa and Chiaki Christmas
A christmas gift from my friend :icontavitheblue: and our OCs, Osawa and Chiaki. From the looks of it Chiaki isn't afraid to peek at his presents before he's allowed to. Luckily, it's christmas now so he can finally get his hands on the goodies!...and the box too.

Well, I usually don’t make journal entries, but I feel like after everything that’s happened, a more detailed explanation is required. Long story short, Hurricane Matthew hit my neck of the woods and hit it hard. Keeping the family’s spirits up during the power outages and flooding really took it out of me. I really wanted to celebrate Halloween with a bunch of pictures, but now I don’t feel like it. Thankfully, everyone’s alright and everything’s back to normal, so don’t worry about that.

Still, I’m finding myself putting more work into my job-hunting than drawing. I mean, I still want to draw and be creative, I’m just trying to find the balance. Maybe work on a story or two while working on my resume.

I dunno, thanks for listening.


United States


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